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We are super excited for you to join our mission at Tyson's Digital Marketing. We constantly are looking at ways to give back to the community and give back to our friends and family. The Refer To Earn opportunity is very simple and easy to explain to your friends and family that may be interested in a website. I absolutely love when my friends come to me and say that they have a friend that is looking for someone to create and manage their website for them and now I am happy to give back to you! Here is how Refer To Earn works:


     If you have a friend or family or even someone you met in passing and they need a website for their company or even for their hobby, send them over to Tyson's Digital Marketing and we will give you 10% of the sale. On top of that we will also give your referral 20% off their website.


    My goal in all of this is to give back to you, my friends and family and your friends and family for helping Tyson's Digital Marketing grow. But there is a few guidelines you will need to follow.

1. No Spamming. Spamming accomplishes nothing except to annoy your friends and family. We are a company that is set on paying it forward and spamming will only discourage that.

2. Please do not add to the offer. The offer stands for anyone, even your referral, as we want to protect Tyson's Digital Marketing's name, we don't wish anyone to be mislead in the opportunity.

3. Each referral must be entered below in our entry form, when we are contacted by your referral, we will match your referral with you and get in contact with you once the sale is completed and paid in full.

4. Please provide us with your PayPal's email address, so that we can process your complimentary commission as soon as the payment of sale has been made.

5. Tyson's Digital Marketing is not responsible for PayPal's credit card service charge.

6. You can not refer yourself, but if you are new and interested in creating a website, I will still offer you 20% off your website cost.

Please Note: Refer To Earn is a incentive program for anyone interested, we are not offering any affiliate services at this time. Thank You.

Refer To Earn

2035 East Grand Ave

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